Friday, 13 July 2012

JaZzY's Out Of The Jungle

"Hey, I'm in love,
My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart.
Hey, I can't stop my feet,
Ebony and ivory and dancing in the street.
Hey, it's because of you,
The world is in a crazy, hazy hue.
My heart is beating like a jungle drum..."
 "Man, you got me burning,
I'm the moment between the striking and the fire.
Hey, read my lips,
Cause all they say is kiss, kiss, kiss.
No, it'll never stop,
My hands are in the air, yes I'm in love.
My heart is beating like a jungle drum..."
JaZzY created a wonderful and totaly sexy outfit!!!!!! It flows so beautiful while you are dancing!!!!! What about the sarong gets hotter i think!!!!!! Love it so much!!!! Thank you JaZzY!!!!! You really know what we want!!!!