Friday, 18 November 2011

JaZzY's MsMagnetica

"Love me, love me, love me, love me,
say you do
Let me fly away with you
For my love is like the wind,
and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind

Give me more than one caress

satisfy this hungriness
Let the wind blow through your heart
Oh wild is the wind, wild is the wind..."
 "You touch me, I hear the sound of mandolins
You kiss me
With your kiss my life begins
You're spring to me, all things to me
Don't you know you're life, itself!

Like the leaf clings to the tree,

Oh, my darling, cling to me
For we're like creatures of the wind,
and wild is the wind...."
 Well....i have too habits...the bad one is smoking...(as you can see above...) the good one is that i am addicted to fashion!!!!Good one?!?!Ehmmm...Who knows....?!JaZzY knows everything about taste, my imagination, my habits...She is the most wonderful friend and its my honour that she named the dress after my name!I am so excited!Thank you so much JaZzY for everything....!!!!

Credits for the gown: 
  • Eyes: !FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Black (ML) 
  • Lashes: [ glow ] studio Black&Colors eyelashes (with violet)
  • Hair: !*Bliss Hair*!  Bob Hair (Caviar)
  • Nails: :: PM :: Animal Print Nails Pink
  • Skin: Amber Just Pink skin (Honey Tan) by Oceane
  • Jewelry: :: PM :: Casandra Neckpiece in Magenta
  • Accessory: [NikotiN]  Cig' Lady (Pink/Black) 
Credits for the lingerie:

  • Eyes:  !FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Black (L) 
  • Lashes: [ glow ] Bohemian - Eagle 
  • Makeup: Miamai LazySunday Nightmare Shadows
  • Hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Juicy Hair (Vanille)
  • Skin: ' Skintimate ' Nicole Special Edition 
  • Nails:  Candy Nail Feather Black
  • Jewelry: [ glow ] studio - Black lace earrings

    By the way this is my favourite makes me i am terribly romantic...

JaZzY's Kiss Smoldering Kiss

"Kiss me
out of the bearded barly nightly
beside the green green grass
swing swing (swing swing)
swing the spinning step
you wear those shoes and
I will wear that dress."
 "kiss me
beneath the milky twilight
lead me
out on the moonlit floor,
lift your open hand
strike up the band and
make the fog lights dance
silver moon sparkling.
So, kiss me."
 JazzY's design Kiss Smoldering Kiss is a beautiful purple gown with lingerie as an option!!!It is so romatic!!!! 
Credits for the gown: 
Credits for the lingerie: