Friday, 29 July 2011

JazZY's Passion Flower

So romantic!!!!!!!!!So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!Can't define it in prose!!!!! Thanks so much JaZzY!

Does she look fantastic in it??

JaZzY's Licorice

Do we feel sexy, playful and ready to charm all the sl world??JaZzY has the way! 

And Licorice in her own unique way....!!! 

JaZzY's Intoxicating

JaZzY created another Unique gown!She put all her heart in it and here it is!Thanks JaZzY!It's amazing!

Does she look amazing with her fashion?!?!

JaZzY's Chantell II

JaZzY 's Chantell is a masterpiece in sl fashion!So detailed and extremely elegant!
And ladies yes....look at the lingerie which accompanying this dream!

JaZzY in her own masterpiece!

JaZzY's Golden Jewel

JaZzY 's Golden Jewel is a real "jewel" for all of us who appreciate and care for ourselves!

And...yes she loves her Jewels...!!