Friday, 29 July 2011

JazZY's Passion Flower

So romantic!!!!!!!!!So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!Can't define it in prose!!!!! Thanks so much JaZzY!

Does she look fantastic in it??

JaZzY's Licorice

Do we feel sexy, playful and ready to charm all the sl world??JaZzY has the way! 

And Licorice in her own unique way....!!! 

JaZzY's Intoxicating

JaZzY created another Unique gown!She put all her heart in it and here it is!Thanks JaZzY!It's amazing!

Does she look amazing with her fashion?!?!

JaZzY's Chantell II

JaZzY 's Chantell is a masterpiece in sl fashion!So detailed and extremely elegant!
And ladies yes....look at the lingerie which accompanying this dream!

JaZzY in her own masterpiece!

JaZzY's Golden Jewel

JaZzY 's Golden Jewel is a real "jewel" for all of us who appreciate and care for ourselves!

And...yes she loves her Jewels...!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

JaZzy's Etheral Beauty

JaZzY 's Etheral  Beauty is a really beautiful and i have to mention handmade design...Amazing gown!You will all love it!

And now JaZzY's Ethernal beauty through her own eyes...!

JaZzY's Vip Casual

Feeling Hot and ready to party?JaZzY knows what we want!Amazing outfit!So beautiful, so detailed!Makes you feel realy hot in an very elegant way...! 

Wow!!take a look at her...! 

JaZzY's Cudo Casual

Wild, sexy, elegant...her new casual outfit...I so love it! Thanks JaZzY!! 

Does she looks great???? 

JaZzY's Cheval

JaZzY has created another beautiful gownfor this weak!Mystical..Classy...Just stare at it!

And how JaZzY is showing us her beautiful and Unique gown!

JaZzY's Cassey's Gold

JaZzY 's formal outfit for this week!So sexy and elegant simultaneously!Thanks JaZzY!

Is she is feeling sexy?Just look at her!

JaZzY's Blue Sweetheart

OMG this is the most beautiful gown!Isn't it?No words to describe the feeling when you are wearing it!Thanks JaZzY !!

And how JaZzY is showing us her amazing gown!

JaZzY's Black Sensuality

JaZzY create a gown...look at the legs...the chest...the back...It's so beautiful!So unique!

And how JaZzY showing us her amazing gown!

Friday, 15 July 2011

JaZzY's Ice

JaZzY create a big wonderful and so detailed gown...All this poses can't reveal its majesty!This gown's name is ice... but it has nothing to do with cold! It so warmed my soul that i was gazing at it about an hour!Its movements, its details...Thank you so much JaZzY!

And how JaZzY showing us her amazing gown!

JaZzY's Cotton Candy

So words can describe how amazing is this one!JaZzY has created a beautiful gown for all of cats ladies!

And how JaZzY is showing us her dress!  

JaZzY's Hot Lady

Are you feeling Hot my Lady? JaZzY has the answer!Perfect boots!Amazing pants!Sexy shirt!Thanks JaZzY!

And now JaZzY in her Hot Lady!

JaZzy's Savanna Blue

JaZzY's Savanna Blue makes fill up with memories!So romantic gown!Amazing stockings!

And now JaZzY's Savanna Blue with her own eyes...!

JaZzY's Golden Attitude

I am feeling so Marilyn Monroe in that dress!!!!!!!JaZzY's Golden Attitude!!!!!!!We deserve it!Beautiful skirt!Amazing stockings!Sexy high heels!And it goes with the Jacket or not if you feel irresistible!!!!!

And how JaZzY is showing us her dress!

JaZzY's attitude

Do you want to have a golden or not attitude? JaZzY has the answer! A beautiful informal outfit for the woman who respects her life and her prestige!

And how JaZzY is showing us her outfit!Thanks JaZzY!

JaZzY's Cherry Baby

I want to eat...eeehhmmmmmmmmm.....wear this Cherry!Baby! JaZzY's  Cherry Baby is so sweet and so sensual classy!

JaZzY's eyes for Cherry Baby!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Zoey Pink Swirl Wedding gown

JaZzY's Zoey Pink Swirl Wedding gown!!So elegant and so romantic in its pink details!A dreamed wedding gown!!!

Zoey Pink Swirl lingere

JaZzY's Zoey Pink Swirl lingere!Astonishing romantic and sensual classy lingerie simultaneously!!!

Mon Cher Ami Mme

JaZzY's Mon Cher Ami Mme!!No words to describe it...!Elegant gown, ethereal textile, classy midriff!!!Surely a beloved one for all sensual and classy ladies!

Lush Simplicity

JaZzY's Lush Simplicity!I so love that dress!What is simplicity without lush?Beautiful detailed stockings!Amazing laced corset!

Pure Beauty

JaZzY's Pure Beauty!It is so beautiful in a pure way!So detailed!Look at the sweet bow on the back and the transparency created on the hips!Green and white with pink in details!So sexy!

Mon Cher Ami Mme (a little piece of Art)

♫♬♪♩En attendant mon bien-aimé ami.
J'entends son morceau favori de musique!
Le rythme de la musique me fait me sentir comme une ballerine vêtue d'une belle robe de
! ♫♬♪♩

♫♬♪♩ Waiting for my beloved friend.
I hear her favorite piece of music!
The rhythm of the music makes me feel like a ballerina dressed in a lovely
dress! ♫♬♪♩

Lush Simplicity ( alittle piece of Art)

JaZzY's Lush Simplicity!Simple...nope...Lush...enough...
What is love without lust??
What is Simplicity without lush???

Pure Beauty (a little piece of Art)

JaZzY's Pure beauty!!!Pure and so beautiful like this amazing unicorn...