Thursday, 17 November 2011

JaZzY's Adored

"I can say this life is...
Much better today.
Everything turn's right and,
Wrong gets in the way.
 "Yeah, I’ve got this feeling,
It’s something I find hard to explain.
See I wasn't looking but girl,
I'm glad I fell in your way.
"Then she says
Oh boy... ooohhhh boy.
Count your lucky stars,
Count what you’ve been wishing for.
Oh boy... ooohhh boy.
Count the life you lead,
Count how you are now...
 "I can say the sun burns,
Much brighter today.
I can see my path,
Of clouds darken my way.
"She said she’s tired of,
Watching me just wilt and bleed.
She said I'm like Jesus,
I save those who believe...
Do ya, do ya believe?"
 And yes i adore this JazzY's design!It has so many options!You can wear it as a fabulous gown, as a lovely not so formal outfit with a cute skirt, as a feminine casual outfit and as a sexy lingerie!!!Its so unique and so well detailed!I so adore it!!!!!

JaZzY's Casual Girl

"You keep me handy like pocket candy
Being your Casual Girl.
I'm dedicated to a Love I've hated
Forever your Casual Girl
Can I take it all back
No, I'm that lucky..."
 "I keep taking your bait
You keep throwing me back
I guess I'm not a keeper
So I'll keep on sinking deeper
Into my fragile, casual world." i a casual girl?Are we???Well not exactly...By wearing this beautiful casual JazzY's design you will feel so sexy and independent!This outfit brought out my inner dangerous self!!!