Wednesday, 23 May 2012

JaZzY's Marinella's Enchantment

"I'm floating away from my pillow and into the woods
You said you wouldn't call because you told me so, but i knew that you would
Enchantment, enchantment
Gonna get me high
Gonna get me high (gonna get me high)
Enchantment, enchantment, enchantment
Gonna get me high..."

"I'm flying a cloud to the other side of the world
I'm guided by the stars of love a whisper in my ear
I feel the carnal lonely only you can understand
I'll be a lady if you be a gentleman..."
JaZzY designed this time a chic and sexy gown with beautiful jewels and two layered tattoo makeup as you can see at the close up!!!
The photo shoot took place @ Neva's River a wonderful and amazing place!!!! You should definately visit it!!!!!!!!!Thank you so so so much Neva Crystal for this jewel!!!!!