Wednesday, 4 January 2012

JaZzY's Kiss ME darling

"Kiss me kiss me kiss me darling kiss me
kiss me tonight Kiss me darling kiss and you'll be alright
Kiss me darling kiss your kiss is so wonderful
My love you'll always be
My love you'll always..."
"The world outside is moving in such a hurry
Don't you let its madness blow you down
Come let's throw some light on all this sadness
Come let's make love my dear...
 "Stay by side stay for a while
Stay here my lovable love
Stay in my arms and I'll sing you my song
Let me embrace you tonight
I will give you love my love
Like on one's done before
Hug you and holding you tight

So kiss me darling"
 JaZzY created a fabulous laced and so detailed gown!!!!As she understands our needs she designed a wonderful flexi skirt and a luxury lingerie set...well maybe its not lingerie....if you wonna be!!! So come on ladies hurry up and grab it!