Sunday, 22 July 2012

JaZzY's Blue Eyes Mistress

"Sister moon will be my guide
In your blue blue shadows I would hide
All good people asleep tonight
I'm all by myself in your silver light
I would gaze at your face the whole night through
I'd go out of my mind, but for you
"My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun
My hunger for her explains everything I've done
To howl at the moon the whole night through
And they really don't care if I do
I'd go out of my mind, but for you..."
JaZzY designed an extremely beautiful blue gown!!!! The way it flows cna surely make you fall in love with it!!!! It comes with shoes as always, jewels and makeup!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!Thank you JaZzY!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

JaZzY's Fairy Tales Romance

"Do you remember in the fairy tale?
How the wicked witches spell changed the handsome prince to a toad
Thru the power of her potion she handed him the notion
That he was lower than the dirt in the road
And thou she left him green and warted her evil plan was thwarted
When there chanced to happen by a young miss
Who in spite of his complexion offered her affection
And broke the wicked curse with her kiss..."
 "Once upon a time ago
I was down and feelin low
Like a lonely frog in a pond
Life was just a joke
And I was very near a crokin
I was zapped by life's wicked wand
Then in the depth's of my depression
There came a true expression
From a love from a lady so sweet
She gave warm fuzzy feelings
Feelings that were healing
And knocked me of my little web feet..."
  JaZzY created a wonderful romantic and beautifully textured gown!!!! It also has a set of fine jewels and makeup tattoo!!!!!! Look the lipsticks and eyshadow with lashes!!!!

Monday, 16 July 2012

JaZzY's Girl You Know It

"I'm in love with you girl 'cause you're on my mind,
you're the one I think about most every time.
And when you pack a smile in everything you do,
don't you understand, girl, this love is true.
You're soft, succulent so sweet and thin
that's kind of like a vision upon your skin."

 "It lightens up my day, and that's oh so true.
Together we're one separated we're two.
To make you all mine, all mine is my desire.
'Cause you contain a quality, you that I admire.
You're pretty plain and simple, you rule my world so try tounderstand.
I'm in love girl,
I'm in so love girl.
I'm just in love girl, and this is true.
Girl, you know it's true."

  JaZzYdesigned a cute and yes totally sexy casual outfit!!!!! It also comes with jewels, boots and a tattoo layer makeup!!!!!!! The makeup has lipstick, eyshadow and tattoo fingernails!!!!Its completely lovely!!!!!!!

  • Eyes: JaZzY's Capture Me Wild Eyes
  • Skin: JaZzY's Skin Cookie MEdium
  • Hair: ! SugarsmacK ! - Lila Hair & Scarf Set - (With Love Hunt-old hunt gif) 
  • Pose: Del May - Curvacious
  • Taken @ Roche

Sunday, 15 July 2012

JaZzY's Butter Kisses

"And in the crush of the dark
I'll be your light in the mist
I can see you burning with desire
For a kiss
Psychobabble all upon your lips...."
"hey can sell it all they want
But you cannot agree
I don't like the taste
Of their morality
You'll find your bread and your butter
Where you fake it
And put your face in the gutter
Of a snake pit

But our communication
Is telepathy
What you give is what you get
Out of us naturally
And we can wait til the shadow grows long
And turn the page of a story
That has long since found a home..."
 JaZzYcreated a gorgeous gown with beautiful details coming with it like jewels and makeup!!!!!! Makeup is absolutely stunning and its not only fo rthe face but also for the fingernails!!!!!! Isn't it amazing???Thank you JaZzY!!!!!!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

JaZzY's Out Of The Jungle

"Hey, I'm in love,
My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart.
Hey, I can't stop my feet,
Ebony and ivory and dancing in the street.
Hey, it's because of you,
The world is in a crazy, hazy hue.
My heart is beating like a jungle drum..."
 "Man, you got me burning,
I'm the moment between the striking and the fire.
Hey, read my lips,
Cause all they say is kiss, kiss, kiss.
No, it'll never stop,
My hands are in the air, yes I'm in love.
My heart is beating like a jungle drum..."
JaZzY created a wonderful and totaly sexy outfit!!!!!! It flows so beautiful while you are dancing!!!!! What about the sarong gets hotter i think!!!!!! Love it so much!!!! Thank you JaZzY!!!!! You really know what we want!!!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

JaZzY's Eclipse Of The Heart

"Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart..."

JaZzY designed an amazingly beautiful gown!!!!!!!! Its like a rose...flowing on your body!!!!! Wonderful color!!!!!!And so sexy chic!!!!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

JaZzY's Skins Cheryl

JaZzY created a beautiful and delicate skin called Cheryl!!!!!This is Cheryl's tone one!!!! Here is presented the big pack including twenty different skins with makeup, seventeen lipsticks, a clean skin, a cleavage skin and a unique shape!!! The small pack includes the seventeen lipsticks, the cleavage skin and the shape!  

But does  JaZzY contents herself with these??? Not at all!!!!!!! She also created an extra pack of fingernails tattoos!!!! From now on ladies we dont have prims and our nails are always beautiful and colourful!!!!!

An extra pack with eyeshadows tattoos in order to add on the clean skin and believe me they look wonderful!!!!!!!

And an extra pack with lipsticks tattoos!!!! So many colours.... so many... options to play with your makeup!!!!!! 

And last but not least a beautiful and sexy shape for our petit avatar!!!!!!!

Thank you so much JaZzY !!!!!!!! Thank you for thinking each one of us!!!!! And yes you are spoiling us!!!!!!