Sunday, 5 August 2012

JaZzY's Capture Me

"I've seen souls in spirit golden
And I've seen souls in spirit gold
Now I've cleaned myself from that unsettling light
It was too bright for me and the love in my life
But if you capture me I'll be within your sight
It was too bright for me,
It was too bright tonight..."
JaZzY designed an absolutely amazing mesh gown!!! It is mesh and it also has a beautiful flowing skirt!!!! It is absolutely fabulous!!!!! It also comes with shoes and jewels!!!! 

JaZzY's Midnight Kiss

"Let me tell you about a moonlight kiss
That she gave me on a night like this
Just a little taste of heaven's bliss
That I took away with me..."
"Any time I see the stars above
She's the only one I'm thinking of
I don't know if you can call it love
But it's good enough for me..."
JaZzY created a wonderful and elegant gown!!! This gown is mesh!!!! JaZzY is stepping into mesh!!!!! It also comes with these fine jewels and shoes as always!!! I am so feeling chic and classy while i am wearing it!!!! It is fabulous!!!!!!

  • Eyes: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Black    
  • Hair: ICON HAIR 
  • Skin: JaZzY 's Skin Cathy
  • Lashes: Koketka *Eyelashes v.8*
  • Accessory: Eclectic Randomness Cigarette Holder 1.0.1 
  • Pose: oOo Studio (first picture) 
  • Taken @ ::Tremolo Coffee Co. & Galleries:: a very beautiful place which you can rent for parties!!!They also run plenty of beautiful events!!! Thank you  Synapse Joubert (owner of this beutiful place) for giving me the opportunity to have a wonderful chat with you and informing me about the events!!!