Friday, 23 March 2012

JaZzY's Woman You are Strong

"I See The Fear
In The Things We Don't Understand
I See The Fear
In Another Blind Man..." 
"I Can't Hold
Back This Fight That Stills Inside
I Can't Hold Back
Who I Am..."

"I Know You're Strong
I Know You Belong
I Know You Are Strong
My Beautiful One ..."
 "I Can't Turn
Away From What I Believe
I Can't Destroy
Or Deceive..."

 "Oh No Oh No
I Know A Beauty
In All That I Can See
I Can't Hold On
But You Can't Release..."

 "I Know You're Strong
I Know You Belong
I Know You Are Strong
My Beautiful One..."
 "Cause They Can't Hold You
And They Can't Hold Me
And They Can't Hold On
To What They Can't Believe..."
JaZzY created a unique outfit with five ways to wear it!!! An amazing gown so romantic and kinda dramatic, a sexy cocktail dress, an amazing leather casual, a beautiful and so girly swim suit and a beautiful set of lingerie!!!Earrings, necklace, bangles, glasses and of course shoes come with it!!!
  • Eyes: *JeSyLiLO*:::CryEyes:::*Dark 
  • Lashes: Koketka *Eyelashes v.6*
  • Hair: Vanity Hair:: Niagara (first and second picture) &  Sooner or Later V.2 (Sixth picture) & Sooner or Later (third, fourth, fifth, seventh picture)
  • Nail: Candy Nail #P006 Long Nails Black
  • Makeup: .:: Delusions ::. Cry Me A River
  • Skin:  -Glam Affair-   Monica - Tan-  06
    This set of pictures is specially dedicated to my best friend Jasilyn Amiot (JaZzY). Her SL account was hacked and she lost all her inventory and designs...hundreds of hours and effort...hundreds of memories...Firstly she was stressed and weeping (imagine the disaster...)...but then in a few hours she told me that we must me strong. She wanted only to look with hope toward tomorrow.She taught me that after a rainstorm the sun rises upon the sky...She stood up strong and with the no...., even more passion begin to design again (with a zero inventory)...She is an example for me!!She made me think that no matter what disappointments or bad luck you meet in your life never give up!!!Cause life is wonderful!!!Jazzy i love you with all my heart my friend and i will always be by your side!!!!